Value detectives workshops

using our framework to sleuth for value creation

Who should join?

We’ve had some enthusiastic feedback about holding practical workshops for “Value detectives”. These are workshops for people familiar with the “Value-creation framework” and who are using it, however loosely, to collect data, drive learning capability, convince people of the value of their initiative, capture value-creation stories, or do a full-scale evaluation.

It is aimed at people who are evaluators, initiative leaders, or active community members concerned with capturing and promoting the value of their learning. It is for people sleuthing for clues in pursuit of monitoring a community or project’s value – to the members, organization, or stakeholders.

How it unfolds

In this workshop, we will use our shared experiences of using the value-creation framework to answer the kinds of questions below. The workshop is practical and project-based so the learning agenda will be shaped by the project or initiative you bring to the table.

Getting started with the framework

  • I’ve read about the framework, but how and where do I start using it in my project?
  • What does a value-detective’s toolkit look like?
  • I’m writing up a project proposal. How can I best include the use of the value-creation framework for showing the value we could or will create? What would be the ideal scenario?

Collecting and integrating data

  • We have a team of members and a support team ready to capture value-creation stories. What are the essential tools and methods they need to know how to use?
  • We’ve got a lot of quantitative data and some stories, how do we now integrate the two kinds of data?
  • What’s the minimum we need to do to collect and promote value-creation stories?
  • I use a survey and interviews, but still find it hard to capture good value-creation stories. How can I get better?

Pragmatic alignment with existing demands

  • We’ve been collecting data from our normal evaluation sources for a few years now, how can I productively use the framework to give an even more plausible account of the value of our initiative?
  • This is the log-frame we have to use. Is there a productive and efficient way to align the value-creation framework to this?

On a shoestring

  • We have little to no resources. How can we make use of the framework to capture value-creation stories and perhaps some other data?

Presentation of results

  • We’ve captured a lot of value-creation stories, but how do we present them in a user-friendly way?
  • How can we write a report that uses the integration of both effect and attribution data?

Fast learning from the data

  • How can we best integrate the collecting of value-creation stories into the design of our agenda?
  • How do we pay attention to what the data, including the stories, is telling us? How can we help members be more attuned to this?

Framing and reframing expectations

  • How can we use the framework to inspire members to learn to make a difference? 
  • Can the framework be used to articulate what people with different aspirations would like to get out of their participation in this community or project?,


The workshop is held in-person at the Social Learning Lab in Sesimbra, Portugal over three days – Tuesday to Thursday.

There are some spaces for online participation, which is synchronous and full-time.

We plan to run totally online value-detective workshops in the future.

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