Holding your events

at our Lab

Types of events 

We offer our Social Learning Lab as an ideal venue for a variety of events. The seating arrangements allow for small groups, whole group, or more formal set ups. Our hosting and facilitation adds a welcome social learning twist. The types of events you may want to organize at our lab include

  • Our workshop: we can customized any of our workshops or retreats for your organization
  • Training workshops: we can work with trainers on any topic to add a social learning twist to the approach
  • Offsite retreats: bring your team for reflection, planning, and team building
  • Strategic meetings: gather decision-makers, leaders, board members, and other stakeholders  for a strategic review
  • Summits: convene thought leaders to define the state of the art in your area

The venue

The space is welcoming, bright, and open. The expansive views and very high ceilings are good for big thinking. There are many different spaces for small conversation and whole group meet-ups inside and outside. We have a log fire for wintry weather.

  • Numbers: The space indoors can seat up to 20 people quite comfortably for whole and small group work. There is space outside when the weather is good for up to 50 people.
  • Hybrid meetings: We have the technology and ten years of experience of running hybrid meetings where some people are face-to-face and some are online
  • Accommodation: The Four Point Sheraton is less than 2 minutes walk from the house. There are a number of other good hotels, AirBnB, and local lodging places within walking distance
  • Meals: We can offer a full catering service. Food and refreshments are locally sourced and can be tailored to your budget and dietary needs.

A social learning twist

At the Social Learning Lab, and in our approach to work, we try and embody the following social learning twists:

  • There are no attendees, only learning agents
  • The difference we want to make has a trajectory longer than our own
  • Persistence is more important than getting it right
  • Sharing your edge of uncertainty is a crucible of creativity
  • Diverse voices accelerate  learning capability
  • Power matters
  • Human experience is always more complex than its expression

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