Conversations with the authors

online sessions to discuss our books

One of our most rewarding experiences as theorists and authors has been to join a university course for an interactive session with students. We are now offering these sessions online to universities with courses that include a module on our work – or with students or staff who are interested.

A session gives students a chance to interact directly with us as the authors of books they have read or been studying. We aim to bring life and stories of experience to the texts they engage with.

How it unfolds

5 minutes

Who you are and who we are

5-10 minutes
Our intention

Why we wrote this book

30-50 minutes

We engage with your questions about the work

5 minutes
Our reflections

Where we are going with this

10 minutes
Your reflections

Highlights and relevance to the difference you care to make

Tech and logistics

  • Duration: 60-90 minutes depending on the duration of the class
  • We prefer to use our Zoom room
  • We are on Lisbon and can accommodate most time zones
  • Ideally, 5 – 25 students, but we can be flexible

Next steps

If you want to take us up on this service:

  • Complete the form
  • We let you know if we can do it
  • When you are ready to commit, click on “Book now” to pay by credit card on our secure server
  • We send you a link to our web scheduler to book your session


 Clicking on “Book now” will open a new tab with a shopping card where you can pay by credit card on a secure server.

Price: $300

We offer discounts for institutions with unfavorable exchange rates. For a discount, contact us

Interested in a conversation?