Writing retreats

finding the time, together

Join us to get your writing done, whether it’s a dissertation, book chapter, article for publication, project proposal or …. It should be some writing related to social learning.

You can still join us if you are writing in a language other than English – but you need to be able to tell us about your work in English and ask for feedback from synopses in writing or on video in English.

Join a writing sprint

Get a big chunk of writing done.

No distractions.

Review and polish

Have some critical friends give constructive feedback that you can integrate.

Perhaps even finish some writing.

Be inspired

Get over any writer’s block that’s stopping you from starting or moving on.

Find a new frame for your writing.

Gain confidence as a writer

Hear the struggles of others and how they overcame them.

Accept your peers’ recognition of your voice as a writer.

Join a writing circle

Form lasting friendships or good local buddies

Share tips and tricks for writing.

Stay refreshed as your write

Watch a beautiful sun rise over the sea.

Integrate some optional yoga, walking in the hills, or running by the beach.

Eat some good food and reward yourself with a glass of local wine in the evening.

How it unfolds

Each day includes:

  • Optional morning yoga session
  • Writing sprints: 2,5 hours of writing in the morning and 1,5 hours in the afternoon
  • Check-ins: report out on (1) what you just did, (2) what roadblocks, concerns, or progress you experienced (3) what you are planning for your next writing sprint
  • Feedback sessions: Peer feedback on up to ten pages of writing (or 10 minutes of video)
  • Optional writing exercises, such as “no going back” to get away from the fear of writing imperfect sentences
  • Time for self-care: organized tour such as walking or kayaking or alone time
  • Lunch and evening meal together
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