Custom events

designed for you needs

We work with your organization to design custom events serving your specific needs.

These customized events can take place at our location, at yours, or online.

At our Social Learning Lab

We host the event in our lab in Sesimbra, Portugal. Being together in an expansive and beautiful setting generates new kinds of thinking  and relationships.

At your location

We travel to your location. Less travel for your group, but a risk of more distractions from the demands of everyday work.


We run customized online workshops. This saves on travel and participants report that our use of technology gives them an experience of being together.

Customizing our workshops

Do you need to train your social learning leaders – for example, people leading communities or networks?

We can customize any of our workshops or retreats for your organization or group, bringing your context in and developing bespoke strategies going forward.

Spicing up your training

Do you have a professional development or training workshop that could use a bit of strategic purpose, sense of initiative from participants, or just livening up?

We can work with your trainers, experts, or practitioners on any topic in your field and add a social learning twist to the approach.

Offsite retreats

Does your team need a bit of time away from the daily grind? Do you need to reflect on what has been happening, engage in some strategic planning, or learn to work better together?

We can design an offsite retreat for you. Let us help you create an atmosphere of openness and honest reflection. Your team will morph for a while into a facilitated social learning space. You will engage with each other in surprising and revealing ways. And nothing will ever be the same.

Strategic meetings

Is it time for a strategic review? Do you need to map a changing environment? Rethink the direction your organization has been going? Look to the future and set a new strategic framework?

We can work with you to gather your decision-makers, leaders, board members, and/or other stakeholders for a strategic meeting. They have probably been to too many meetings, but let us surprise them and design the event as an engaging social learning space. They’ll roll up their sleeves and participate in a variety of activities to open their imagination and find alignment around a shared vision of the future.


Are you at a point where you need to converge on some shared understanding what has been happening in your field? Is it time to establish the state of the art and agree on future progress? Is it important to include the many different perspectives of the key players? 

A summit convenes thought leaders and practitioners to do just that. But you don’t want a series of expert PowerPoint presentations. You want to create an exciting space where questions lead, where uncertainty dances with certainty, and where perspectives meet, collide, and inform each other. You want to find the collective cusp where everyone has a stake in shaping what comes next. Perhaps even create some kind of consensus document.

Let us know

if you would like to discuss an event for your organization