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Exploring the relationship between practice and learning - conversation on The Value Exchange, Ethos

Video and podcast – 30 minutes

Exploring the relationship between practice and learning with Annabelle Lambert

Humanitarian Negotiations World Summit

Video – 4 minutes

The World Summit was convened by the Center for Competence in Humanitarian Negotiations as the gathering of the worldwide community of practice they support for practitioners across organizations. We discuss the concept of  “community of practice” and explain how humanitarian negotiators can benefit from being part of the CCHN community.
Interview with Connie Malamel of The Learning Coach

Podcast – 35 minutes

Connie interviews us about the applicability of social learning theory to the practice of learning design. Listen to the podcast from her page as she has excellent notes and transcript.

Conversation with the authors

Video – 45 minutes

Monica Chavez of the University of Liverpool interviews us about some of their work. What is a community of practice? What is social learning? How did the work around those things start?

Keynote at the conference of the Association for Clinical Pastoral Education (ACPE)

Video – 1 hour 30 minutes

The ACPE supports a number of communities of practice for their members. They wanted to hear more about what these communities can do and what it takes to cultivate them.

A guest interview with the Knowledge Management Task Force (KMTF)

Video – 35 minutes

We discuss social learning and communities of practice as central concepts for the field of knowledge management.

The "Year of the Peer" series

Podcast – 33 minutes

Leo Bottary, who runs the series, is promoting peer learning among executives. He wanted to discuss how social learning and communities of practice can benefit executives both in their work and their personal development.

What is learning? A model for challenging times

Video – 15 minutes

This is an old video we made for a conference at the Public Service Accountability Monitor in South Africa. In it, we show how social learning is different from traditional learning model and argue that it is well suited to the 21st century. We also describe an earlier version of our value-creation framework.