Beyond evaluation

using our framework to articulate the value of social learning

About the workshop

Are you a problem solver or a social learning leader frustrated by a lack of recognition for what you  are doing? We have developed a value-creation framework for monitoring and articulating the value of an intervention. This framework can give you the skills and language to make a convincing case that your intervention is making a difference.

On the one hand, sponsors and funders are increasingly demanding evidence of impact. On the other,  community members are looking for meaningful data to learn to do things better. Our framework can serve other purposes.

The ability to monitor and articulate value with data that both sponsors and participants find meaningful is a great asset to a project. It is also a marketable skill for independent practitioners.

Sleuthing value-creation

Who should join?

This workshop is for people who are using – or who want to use – our value-creation framework, to collect data, drive learning capability, and convince people of the value of their initiative – whether to capture some representative value-creation stories or to do a full-scale evaluation.

It is for you if you are an evaluator, an initiative leader, or an active community member concerned with capturing and promoting the value of learning – to members, organization, or stakeholders.

What do you get from participating?

A framework, an approach, a set of skills, and growing network of people that will help you position yourself as an articulate advocate for using qualitative and quantitative data to talk about the difference your project is making. It will help your members and your sponsors monitor the value and learn to make better progress as a result of it.


The workshop is held in-person at the Social Learning Lab in Sesimbra, Portugal over three days. There are some spaces for full-time online participation.

We explore the following types of concepts in relation to your project:

  • 8 different types of value
  • flows and cycles of value
  • developing and refining value-creation stories
  • integrating quantitative and qualitative data
  • developing a robust case of value-creation even to skeptics
  • evaluation and learning  – friends with benefits

The surroundings at the Social Learning Lab inspire you to feel your best. You’ll have every opportunity to make friends around focused conversations, to try delicious local food, and to learn in a welcoming atmosphere. Relaxing opportunities are up for grabs if you want them – a walk by the ocean, yoga by the pool … It is a space for seriousness, playfulness, candidness, and change.

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