A social learning twist

At our social learning lab or working directly with you, our approach always reflects a social learning twist:


  • Learning is driven by the difference we care to make
  • The difference we care to make has a trajectory longer than our own
  • Sharing your edge of uncertainty is a crucible of creativity
  • Persistence is more important than getting it right
  • There are no attendees, only learning agents
  • Diverse voices accelerate learning capability
  • Power matters
  • Human experience is always more complex than its expression

Making the most of our workshops

These workshops are for you if …

  • You are keen to make a difference

  • You’re ready to work with others who also care to make a difference

  • You want insights and specific help with your challenges

  • You seek to expand your possibilities in your field

  • You feel inspired by beautiful surroundings, intense work, and attention to detail

  • You have made space for full participation

Social learning leadership for the 21st century

Our aim is to create an experiential catapult: your active participation in the workshop helps you develop as a leader able to navigate your landscape and make a difference. We hope that BEtreat becomes a milestone in your journey as a skilled, articulate, creative, strategic, and inspirational social learning leader.