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Set on a curving turquoise bay just 40 km south of Lisbon, Sesimbra is both a delightful fishing town and popular tourist resort within easy reach of the capital.  

Protected from north winds by the slopes of the surrounding Serra da Arrábida mountains, it was occupied by the Romans and later the Moors before the new king of Portugal rallied his forces and took over the town soon after the nation was first formed.

Residents of nearby Lisbon flock here on weekends to relax on its long sandy beach and dine in the excellent beach-front fish and seafood restaurants following an appetizing evening stroll along the town’s extensive promenade. A popular choice of dish is the locally-caught swordfish (espadarte) which is cooked to perfection on the many charcoal grills lined along the pavements.

The hills surrounding it offer fabulous walks and scenic views, part of the Arrábida National ParkSesimbra is a popular diving location close to Lisbon and the most famous dive site is the wreck of the River Gurara, a Nigerian cargo ship, that sunk in 1989 with the loss of 45 sailors. Besides professional fishing and sports fishing (mainly of swordfish), the most significant revenue in Sesimbra comes from tourism. The town is known for its beaches, fish restaurants and nightlife.

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Our favorite restaurants

Most restaurants in Sesimbra serve great food. We do have our favorite places. Here are some of them. The first row are gourmet restaurants for memorable meals in modern Portuguese cuisine.  The second row are for lighter fare, good drinks, and a cool atmosphere.

A delicious range of imaginative dishes and top marks for choice of wine 

Variety of small dishes, all absolutely excellent, which can add up to a full meal, with good wine 

Good food and wine all in a fabulous location right on the beach

A wine bar with great choices, craft beer, nibbles and small dishes, fab music and overall vibe and view

Superior craft beer on draft and gin and topics, small dishes, in an amazing location overlooking the beach

Homemade hamburgers to write home about (truly), served with good wine or craft beer on draft

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