Systems convening workshops

enabling learning across boundaries in complex landscapes

Who should join?

This workshop is for you if you are doing systems convening at any level of scale—whether or not you are recognized for doing it. In other words, you are bringing people together across traditional boundaries into new configurations that serve the learning capability of an entire landscape (or system) rather than developing a single practice. Systems conveners have many job titles including initiative leader,
project manager, transformation officer, community
development worker, educator, librarian,
council worker. Systems convening is the approach
you take to the job you do.

What we focus on

We invite you to bring your project and we will think through your challenges and celebrate what you are doing. The aim is to share a language about the work of systems convening and to move forward with your own leadership in practical ways. We explore themes emerging from our book on systems convening and find out what resonates with you and your work, and how to take it forward.

The workshop objectives are to: 

  • Share a language around the art and practice of systems convening
  • Work on three pillars of support for systems convening work:
    • Map the landscape. Get a good understanding of the terrain: What are you working with? Where are the connections? Where are the boundaries? Breakdowns? Challenges and opportunities? Interventions?
    • Develop a selfscapeStrengthen your repertoire. Get better at systems convening work – convening call, legitimacy, boundary work, identity work, value-creation, power work, agency work 
    • Get strategic. Strategize your next moves. What aspects of the work of systems convening are you going to focus on moving forward?

How it unfolds

A typical program includes eight sessions. The length of each session can vary depending on interest, but usually we assume two sessions per day in face-to-face or one session per day online:

Building our portraits
  • What brought you here
  • You, your context, your aspirations
  • Form clusters with potential learning partners
Mapping our contexts
  • Landscape perspectives and landscape mapping
  • Create a landscape map
  • Visit each other
Crafting a convening call and establishing legitimacy
  • Work of a systems convener: convening call and legitimacy
  • Project case clinic by cluster 1
Boundaries and identity
  • Work of a systems convener: boundaries and. identity
  • Project case clinic by cluster 2
Agency and power: their significance
  • Work of a systems convener: agency and power
  • Project case clinic by cluster 3
Developing a narrative of value-creation
  • Work of a systems convener: value-creation
  • Project case clinic by cluster 4
Social learning capability
  • Work of a systems convener in fostering social learning capability
  • Project case clinic by cluster 4
Getting strategic: where to next?
  • Reflections on the different kinds of work and where you are taking it
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