Event support

bringing our design and facilitation skills to your events

Convening events that open spaces for significant learning is a delicate art.

We help design and run events with a view to developing the learning capability of the group. This happens when participants take initiative, use their imagination, and express their uncertainties–creating a space in which they can learn to make a difference they care to make, individually and collectively.

We have a long experience of supporting the convening of events to give this much-needed social learning twist. It is especially useful in the convening of complex events that bring together multiple voices and perspectives. It includes dealing with conflictual situations and difficult cross-boundary encounters.

We can support conveners in preparation, design, facilitation, and follow-up.

We can also host your event at our Lab in Sesimbra, Portugal.


We can work with you to prepare for the event, including:

  • Frame the vision and develop a value proposition compelling to multiple constituencies and institutional sponsors
  • Interview potential participants and stakeholders
  • Craft the invitation
  • Decide on criteria for success and how to monitor indicators

Agenda design

We pay considerable attention to the design of agenda and activities. We  can help:

  • Prepare an agenda with a coherent flow to achieve the desired outcomes
  • Design a variety of activities that engage participants 
  • Plan the use of tools for hybrid events so that online participants are equally involved and engaged
  • Propose ideas for integrating ongoing evaluation in the process


We can help facilitate or co-facilitate the event:

  • Running the agenda, while paying attention to what’s working and what’s not, and adjusting things dynamically as the event unfolds
  • Watching out for groupthink and silenced voices
  • Inviting participants to reflect on what is (or is not) happening
  • Coaching facilitators interested in practicing our approach 

Follow up

We can also help reflect on the event, do the evaluation, and plan some follow-up:

  • Carry out a reflection on the event and draw lessons for future events
  • Help assess design, process, and outcomes, including collecting data and value-creation stories
  • Develop a follow-up strategy to build on the outcome
  • Prepare or contribute to a report about the event

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