Traveling to Sesimbra

how to get there and where to stay

Getting to Sesimbra


It takes about 45 minutes to drive from Lisbon airport, depending on the traffic. 

Public transportation takes about twice as long.


Google maps knows about us. You can simply enter Social Learning Lab, Sesimbra and it will take you there.

Be careful with other GPS, especially SatNavs. There are two “Rua da Bela Vista” in Sesimbra, and many people have landed at the other one, quite far away. If you don’t have google maps, it is better to enter the close-by hotel “Four Points Sheraton, Sesimbra” (zip code 2970-621). 

When you get to the hotel, you will notice that it consists of two buildings. Between the buildings is a small street that looks like parking for the hotel. But it is our Rua da Bela Vista (unmarked). The Lab is the only house on this short street, number 2, at the very end.

A taxi ride is the easiest way to get to Sesimbra. 

There are usually plenty of Ubers around. They are cheaper than a taxi. Some people have had trouble finding the meeting place for an Uber. 

Ask the driver to take you to the Social Learning Lab, Sesimbra in google maps. (If the driver uses a SatNav, see remark under directions.)

Car rental from major brands is available just outside Terminal 1. Some tips we have learned:

  • It is cheaper to rent the car in advance than to show up at the desk
  • The cheaper the deal for the car rental the longer the queue at the car rental check-in desk

Some cheaper car rental companies will pick you up at the airport, but are not located in the airport. It takes more time. A list of car rentals who are actually at the airport can be found here

Outside Terminal 1, you will find a bus that takes you to “Sete Rios”. From Sete Rios bus station, you can catch the 207 bus (TST) to Sesimbra. It takes around 70 minutes depending on the traffic. You can buy your ticket on the bus (around €5). 

Note that the bus stop for the 207 is not in the main bus station building but outside on the Avenida das Forças Armadas street, which is just under the expressway. Give yourself time to find it.

Sesimbra is small. Everything is within reasonable walking distance. The town center is down by the beach and we are up on the hill, 80 meters above sea level. The walk is short, but fairly steep. 

If you do need transport, here are your options:

  • Bus. The stop for Bus 221 is not far from the Lab. This is a shuttle that goes into Sesimbra town (and back) every 40 minutes. Update: The bus service has recently had a big upgrade and there are more buses running even more frequently than we have noted here. 
  • Taxi. Our friendly local taxi, who knows how to get here, can be contacted on +351 917 627 658. He speaks English. He is part of a network of taxis in Sesimbra, so he will find you someone else if he can’t do it. He also has access to two large vans (that each take up to eight people) if needed.

Badger Rentacar. There is a super-friendly local car rental place, run by Ricardo and his family. They can be reached by email at or by phone at +351 21 268 6001. They have an office on the waterfront.


The Four Points Sheraton Hotel is just behind the venue. Like being in our backyard. Literally.

And subject to availability, they will give our workshop participants a free room upgrade.

There are also many other very good hotels, down in the town, closer to the beach. 

And you can check less expensive lodging in the numerous apartment rentals and AirBnB’s.
Or the municipal campground.

Sesimbra is small and most places will be walking distance from the venue.
But if you stay downtown, the walk is uphill.