Reading retreats

an immersive learning treat

Spend 4 luxurious days immersed in reading books and articles we have written over the years about social learning – situated learning, communities of practice, landscapes of practice, systems convening, the value-creation framework, social learning spaces, learning to make a difference – and more.

Become informed – by reading and talking with peers and the authors of seminal and practical writings about social learning

Feel prepared – for writing up your literature review, having informed conversations about social learning, knowing where to refer others, or following up with action yourself

Treat yourself – to learning in a beautiful environment, keeping your mind fresh through walking and breathing the sea air, making lasting friendships

Who should join

The retreat is for small groups of people who want or need to do the reading – perhaps for your dissertation, for work, or just because … Each person maps their own reading journey through the retreat and we all benefit by discussing the texts, how they help in your quest, and how they relate to the broader theme of developing social learning capability.

It’s for people who want to read alone and together, take inspirational walks in the hills, by the sea, swim if it’s warm and cozy up in front of a big log fire, if it’s not.

All meals are included… Portuguese coastal cuisine is wonderful for relaxing the mind and body – and letting new thoughts and energies flow in.

How it unfolds

In preparation

  • Introduce yourselves and the reading list you are starting with

Day 1

  • Getting to know each other, where we come from, what is our quest, and what we are already familiar with
  • Share what has inspired us in previous reading and what we took away from it
  • Reading alone and together
  • Reflections, favorite quotes, and takeaways

Days 2 – 3

  • Setting the day’s reading intentions
  • Reading alone and together
  • Focus on one person’s reading quest: how can we all help? Can we direct them to particular relevant texts or ideas, is there a case for reframing their quest? Depending on the number of participants, there could be 2 or 3 focus sessions a day
  • Reflections, favorite quotes and takeaways

Day 4

  • Continue with activities from days 2 and 3
  • Consolidate and reflect on all our joint reading and learning
  • Set intentions and next steps

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