May 22 - 23, 2023

Communities of practice: annual summit

Sesimbra, Portugal



Inspire and be inspired

Showcase your work. Inspire others with the work you’re doing. The reason you have something to show is that you keep at it. And be inspired by the small and big ways that other people across sectors are making it work for them.

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CoP summit

Be creative

Take this opportunity to try things out. Explore different approaches totalling a lead. Try out new tools. Creative visuals? Improv or drama? A great display of value-creation stories? See this as a place to try out new things among friends.

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Network with other CoP leaders. Get to know each formally and informally. Find the people you can reach out to. Help each other to recharge your batteries and be part of a field that is taking a lead in learning to make a difference.

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CoP summit advisory group

Meet the people who have a hand in shaping and leading the CoP summit

Bas Vellekoop headshot

Bass Vellekoop

Knowledge Management Consultant & Learning Consultant at Royal Philips, Netherlands

Darren Cambridge

Education innovation strategist and President of Cambridge Learning Group, Washington D.C.

Diane Culver

Full professor, School of Human Kinetics, University of Ottawa, Canada

Heidi Madsen

Social Learning Manager, Culture, Change & Engagement Team, Chief Technology Office, JPMorgan Chase

Laurel Whisler

Director of J. Drake Edens Library at Columbia college, Columbia, SC, U.S.A.

Phil Reid

Product Manager, Community Builder & Social Learning Leader, Chief Technology Office, JPMorgan Chase

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