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What follows is information about summits we organize, convene, and host.  We can also support you in hosting your own summit on your own topic, at the Social Learning Lab or elsewhere. These will have different objectives and processes.

About our summits

These are small or large events where we meet together with others working in the field, listen to each other’s different experiences and perspectives, get to know who is doing what around the world, and make progress on some key issues. In some cases, we even seek a consensus about the bigger picture.

About participation

We invite participants in the summit to share their bold aspirations, provocative ideas, major uncertainties, and breakthrough thinking.

If you participate, we invite you to commit to take a lead in shaping and facilitating rich dialog during the summit. You may have to suspend the need to end with tidy answers and recipes for next steps. Experimentation is encouraged.

The program

The program is both semi-designed and shaped according to who brings what to the table. It is iterative to make sure we build on the energy and the opportunities that arise. The idea of the program is twofold:

  1. To create lots of opportunities for people to see what others are doing, for example, booths, gallery walks, demos, etc.
  2. To invite anyone to propose an issue or opportunity to discuss with others in an open-space format

We hope you sign up if you are ready to take a lead in making a change – both at the summit and within your wider sphere of influence.

The outcomes

Coming out of a summit we would hope to produce a greater visibility for the field, a sense of who is doing what, as well as new connections between people working in the field.


The summits take place at the Social Learning Lab. Two lunches and one dinner are included in the price. They run over two days, ending at 3:30 p.m. on day 2. There are some places for hybrid participation. 

Join the summits we host on communities of practice

The next CoP summit

takes place on May 22 - 23 2023