BEtreat Portugal – how was it?

It’s embarrassing to be so tardy with blog posts, but here goes…

Our workshops for social learning leaders in Setúbal, Portugal were a great success – at least that was the feedback and most people signed up to come again!

We worked together round the table in the mornings, had exquisite lunches in town (at Ostradomos), and worked in castles and outside locations in the afternoons.

People are finding the value-creation framework very helpful for framing, reflecting on, articulating the value of, and evaluating their projects. We’re excited to be working like this – both with the content and the format. We came away feeling hopeful and very inspired.

Meantime the two workshops planned for May and June are full, so we will run another one during September 17 – 20, 2019.  Early bird deadlines on this page.

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