A run of blog posts

We’re trying to get more disciplined about blog posts, which is why you might get a bunch of them all at once. No promises – but the idea is that once we’ve caught up they’ll appear more routinely. We are also trying to find that shared voice. Etienne is used to writing to perfection before putting out his thoughts, while Bev is more into reflecting on unfinished ideas – in what she sees as a discipline of finding out the answer.

Recently, clients have remarked how buzzy it is when the two of us are working together – more than the sum of two people. Let’s see if we can do that in our writing….

1 thought on “A run of blog posts”

  1. I’m naturally a perfectionist but quickly realised that getting emergent ideas out in my blog was better than keeping them locked up on my hard disc! Looking forward to the shared voice.

    Came across the site after a presentation by Jane Bozarth on Social Learning but recognised the name from my days in KM.

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