Essays on social learning capability

Social learning capability:
four essays on innovation and learning in social systems

This series of essays was written by Etienne in 2009 as a reflection on EQUAL, a project with the European Union Social Fund in which both he and Bev were involved as consultants. One goal of EQUAL was to increase the social learning capability among all the projects that received funds to foster social innovation across Europe.

Participation in this project crystallized some initial thoughts on social learning capability, which are captured here. The topic is now becoming a major thrust of our work.


  • Social learning spaces
  • Learning citizenship
  • Social artists
  • Learning governance


You can download a PDF version of the paper in English here:

Download as PDF

A portuguese translation is also available:

Download Portuguese


Wenger, E. (2009) Social learning capability: four essays on innovation and learning in social systems. Social Innovation, Sociedade e Trabalho. Booklets 12 – separate supplement, MTSS/GEP & EQUAL Portugal, Lisbon.


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  5. Dear Wenger

    Still do not speak / read English, for you must be a barrier. But, I want to win it.
    Work in IT as a telemarketer and his theory helped me a lot.
    Access was through a leader who really admires him and has been an enthusiast and popularizer of his knowledge.
    I signed up on the blog and look back. I do not have the financial ability to attend events in your country. The Internet brings us together.

    With satisfaction, her new admirer in Brazil.

    Roberto Carlos da Silva.

    1. Viva Carlos

      Obrigado por sua mensagem. Tem razão, este forma de comunicação é realmente maravilhoso.

      As línguas não são tal barreira. A Bev fala Português e o Etienne fala francês – o mundo é cada vez mais pequeno.

      Estaremos em Fortaleza em maio.

      Um abraço de seus vizinhos do norte.

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