Social learning workshop in South Africa

We’re just back from BEtreat South Africa, which we held at the beautiful Fynbos Estate outside Cape Town.

Lovely surroundings, delicious food and warm hospitality at the Estate was a wonderful way to launch our first BEtreat workshops outside our home in California.

As well as professionals and academics from South Africa we also had people participating from Sweden, France, Nigeria and Tanzania. Joining us online was someone from New York who was getting up at 3:00 a.m. to join us each day (applause) and someone from Italy.

It was a great mix of people and some deep dives into interesting cases. We were happy (and relieved) to know that we could reproduce the BEtreat atmosphere conducive to a sharp collective inquiry in another part of the world – both for face-to-face and online participants.

Hopefully this is the first of more to come…

2 thoughts on “Social learning workshop in South Africa”

  1. Dear Etienne and Barbara,
    I am interested in your communities of practice for a project on ageing and care of the LGBT community so have been reading up on all your documents and inputs. I was inspired earlier when writing a book chapter on facilitation on e-learning by your communities of practice. In your book chapter for Blackmore you were critical of Mark Hughes in his use of communities of practice for the LGBT community. Could you elaborate on this issue as I am considering using your theoretical framework in a future project?
    best Neil Henderson (PhD)

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